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U.S. imperialism nor superior 75% of parents think that the game is too violent

Feel foreign parents of the games are very upset it? Then you are wrong, school shootings last year, the United States has been constantly criticized the violent games.

Common Sense Media, foreign media to do a survey of 1,050 parents, 75% of people said the game role in promoting violence. 89% is more worrying that the violent elements in the game. (45% of the people think that the element of violence is very serious, 44% of people think that is a small problem.)

There is no scientific research can prove a direct relationship between violent games and violent behavior. Although violent games and aggressive behavior linked, but said that according to the experts in related fields, there is no sufficient evidence can prove a link between the two.

On the other hand, in the United States, the game has a classification system, clearly marked violent games. In the country, has strict censorship and NRS. As for why do we have to worry about the impact of violent video games to children, in addition to the game itself, the parents are not also the time to consider their own are not doing their due responsibilities it?

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