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« TERA » hanbok free online at the same time increase in the number of

« TERA » hanbok yesterday free operators, According to official reports, free proliferation of new registered players of the game 10 times, the last three times the number of players is online at the same time, a single from this perspective, free game go the way verycorrect.

« TERA » hanbok free to cancel the cards and monthly cards, while increasing the VIP parcel have purchased VIP players wrapped transaction line storage fee reduction, increase the number of daily copy of the admission, the copy of the reduced cooling time and other concessions. Free operators for the old players will give 333 T-CAT (equivalent Mall ingot) and title and other incentives in the 9th to reach the full level of the players will get a 3000 T-CAT 7 lucky key mounts and other incentives. buy guild wars 2 gold

In addition, the date of service of the game and the Europe and the United States service has announced free transition in February this year, the service station operator only game is still in charge.

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