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Bard as main talent

Talent invested: 51-point talent

Bard as main talent, do not hesitate in minstrel Department put into a 51-point talent, is the point of full. The the ultimate skill joy Psalm 15 seconds per second to restore 50 mana teammate 5 energy and empowerment, team fighting, every two minutes a « charge » will make the team dps efficiency improved significantly.

The rest of the talent, personal recommendations by increasing attack strong attributes mainly part of guild wars 2 gold the therapeutic effect of the bard and injuries linked, so the increase in attacks bard is to increase the therapeutic effect. So my choice is the marksman talent dedicated 5/5 10:00, strong firepower enhanced 5/5, the unknown cracks Walker Fury 5/5.

Of course, you can also choose a life insurance mainly supporting talent, such as increasing life ranger talent patience.

Bard important skills:

Strength Wong played: improve the strength and agility of all his teammates 52 points, the last one hour.

The knowledge Wong played: to improve all of teammates wisdom and intelligence 52 points, the last one hour.

Distress Finale: 30 seconds, the target being attacked hurt

Dastardly Finale: 30 seconds so that the physical damage taken by the target is increased by 5%

Sad finale: target by 30 seconds of non-physical damage increase by 7%

Heroic melody increased teammates attack strength and spell power by 62 points: 30 seconds

Focus on melody: 30 seconds to increase the teammate physical attacks and spell crit 5%

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